IMG_20160831_165206.jpgI had a dream.

It was about doughnuts.

I dreamt that all around me were doughnuts the size of car tyres. Everyone I knew was enjoying the feast but me. I couldn’t; they were not wheat free.

That morning when I got to work there was an enormous bag of doughnuts open in the staff kitchen. Just sitting there, smelling of jam and taunting me with their wheaty presence.

That evening I bought a deep fat fryer…

This is a blog about what happens when a woman whose primary hobby is eating gets told that she is no longer allowed to consume most food.

This is a rebellion against the tedium of the supermarket “free-from” section, the inscrutability of the health food aisle and the sheer sadness of that moment when the restaurant waiter says, “Well, er, maybe a plain salad?”

This is a log of my quest into the treacherous, kraken infested waters of free-from cooking. In it I will record my successes, my failiures and my thoughts as I venture off the map in my pursuit of a diet that isn’t defined by the “food intolerance” label. Herein you may find tips, tricks, treasures and some very strange bread. I hope that it may offer some guidence to those who journey after. Or, at the very least, some laughs.

Above all, rhis is a blog that says “do not despair!”  As a friend of mine is fond of saying, “remember: most doughnuts are vegan.”

Read this for more information…  Introduction – Putting the “fun” into food intolerance…

A little about me…

I am an artist and teacher living in England with my husband and our all-powerful feline overlord. I enjoy correcting the grammar on street signs, planning what I will do when zombies take over the earth and growing electronic vegetables.

When it comes to cooking, my own diet is a little idiosyncratic due to having been developed over the years to accommodate a lactose allergy, IBS and a vegetarian husband. I will, of course, mostly be writing about things that are suitable for me so the main focus of the recipes on this blog will be wheat and lactose free. They are however, with a little imagination, easy to modify for other requirements such as FODMAP or vegan. To clarify, I do eat:

  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Non wheat-containing gluten such as oats and barley
  • Spelt
  • Nuts
  • A little bit of soya
  • Lactose-free dairy products