Purple Vegetables


Sometimes I am captivated by the beauty of vegetables. No, wait, hear me out. I know that isn’t the sort of sentence you expect to hear (or say) every day but it really is true. My Mum took me to a farm shop near her when I went to visit this weekend and I walked away with, amongst other things, a purple sweet potato. I have never seen or heard of a purple sweet potato before so naturally I bought it immediately. I have a bit of a thing for unusual purple vegetables. I get unreasonably excited every time purple carrots come into my local supermarket for Halloween, (rebranded as “witches’ noses” of course) and tried one year to grow lilac peppers. (It wasn’t a success – I only managed to grow one and then it was dry and tasteless due to my general neglect and ineptitude) I also can’t seem to shake the bizarre notion that purple vegetables somehow must taste better and be healthier than their more familiar counterparts. When I cut the sweet potato, the swirl of colours was undeniably lovely. I caught myself just staring at it in fascination for several minutes.

I had decided to make chips from it in exactly the same way I do with ordinary potato and sweet potato; namely, cut it into chips, coat with oil, salt, pepper and paprika and bake for half an hour(ish).


I had hoped that they would taste like a similar, more interesting version of their orange cousins, however I can confirm that this was sadly not the case. They tasted ok but much less sweet than the traditional sweet potato; the dry, earthy taste reminded me more of roasted beetroot than anything. I probably wouldn’t do this recipe again but it was a fun experiment nonetheless. Maybe I can find a better use for them in the future.


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